Read How We're Using App Data to Understand Festival Artist Demand

We create mobile apps for music, food, sports, conference & community events.

Our primary goal in designing mobile event guides is to eliminate the complications, so that no matter what, anyone can navigate them with ease.


Aloompa’s FestApp is the leading provider of turn-key, best-in-class mobile applications for music, food, sports, conference and community focused events in the U.S. and abroad. Let us demonstrate how FestApp can work for your event.

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Why event producers love FestApp

Native Apps for iOS and Android

Each of the mobile platforms have functional and visual considerations that must be taken into account. FestApp event guides are specifically tailored to work with each of the platforms that you choose to target for your event.

Your Event, Your Brand, Your App

As an event producer, you spend a lot of time & money orchestrating your visual identity and marketing messaging. Our team will work with you to ensure that the app coordinates seamlessly across your other efforts.

FestApp Plays Well with Others

No event is possible without the cooperation of a variety of technology solutions. We understand that flexibility and cooperation with other technologies is imperative, and our list of integrations continues to grow.

Why attendees love FestApp

No Signal Required

Any time large groups of people gather, connectivity to cellular networks can become unreliable. Our apps come preloaded with data, so information is available on or offline.

More Than Just a Map

Navigating a crowded event in an unfamiliar venue can be a challenge. With our map features, your attendees can easily learn their location and find details on a variety of points of interest.

Share With & Find Friends

When multiple events are occurring at various locations it’s easy to lose track of your friends. Features like schedule and location sharing enable guests to compare schedules and find friends with ease.

Stay Up to Date

Want to know more about what’s going on at the event? Guests can see what the event officials are saying in the News section or read what other attendees are saying in the Social screen of the app.

Who’s using FestApp?

  • Bonnaroo
  • BET
  • CMA Music Festival
  • Coachella
  • Outside Lands
  • HARD Fest
  • Electric Forest
  • Life is Beautiful
  • Live Nation
  • The BPM Festival
  • Buku
  • Auston Livestock Show and Rodeo
  • IEBA
  • Kaaboo
  • Vans Warped Tour
  • Wayhome
  • Insomniac
  • Delaware State Fair
  • California State Fair
  • British Summer Time
  • Circuit of the Americas
  • Ultra Worldwide
  • X Games
  • Rock Rio
  • Turner Broadcasting System
  • SFX
  • LA Marathon
  • Movement Electronic

Web Embed

Use Aloompa’s content management technology to power your website. Display performer listings and event schedules in the context of your own brand and visual identity with customizable embeds.

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What do you get with Web Embeds

Performing Listing and Profiles

Show off the talent at your event with the performer embed. Display performer lists with images or present them in simple text. You’ll also be able to provide biographical and social details in performer profile pages.

Event Schedules in List or Grid Style

Keep your audience informed with the event schedule embed. Choose whether to view the schedule in a chronological list, or in a grid view which allows you to compare the timing of events across several venues.

Sync User Accounts

User accounts give your audience the ability to save and view their custom schedule from anywhere, while providing you with valuable demographic data about who is interested in your event.


Presence is a platform that combines advanced geofencing and Bluetooth® Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons. At events, this technology keeps attendees informed and give event producers never-before seen insight into their overall audience behavior.

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What do you get with Beacons

Attendee Insight

Knowing who attends your event, not just who purchased a ticket, and their specific interests and precise location allows an event producer to more effectively engage with them during their experience inside the venue or throughout the year. Presence lets you encourage engagement through personalized greetings and interesting information. You can also assist fans by directing them to the shortest gate, bathroom or beer lines.

Marketing and Messaging

By understanding attendees unique interests and their specific location, Presence enables you to deliver the content, offers, and information attendees want, when and where it counts. With beacons, geofencing, location-based messaging, and analytics, event producers can create more meaningful relationships by connecting their digital and physical worlds to deliver immediate value. Presence allows events to use the entire solution or simply select the tools they need.

Real Time Operational Insight

Obtain actionable insights on attendees inside and around your venue in real time. Visualize visitors, loyalty, dwell times, walking paths, gate wait times, bathrooms lines, and real-time heat-maps.

New Sponsorship Opportunities

Location-based messaging and games provide sponsorship teams new avenues for selling advertisements and engagements.

Hardware Provided

When an event signs up for Presence, iBeacon hardware that complies with the iBeacon and Bluetooth Smart specifications is included. This hardware is compatible with both iOS and Android.

No Signal Required

Any time large groups of people gather, connectivity to cellular networks can become unreliable. Our apps come preloaded with data, so Presence functions on or offline.

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