Who We Are

Kurt Nelson, Drew Burchfield, and Tyler Seymour met in 2008 while they were all working on tour. With a background in entertainment and a passion for live events, the three founded Aloompa with a goal to change the live experience.

Around the same time, Apple launched the App Store, creating a whole new world for consumers. Seeing the potential, the founders wanted to build a new way to experience live content from the palm of your hand. Their innovation was met with praise from country superstar Kenny Chesney, and the team launched the world’s first ever artist app shortly after. Hungry for more, Aloompa turned their sights on the event space. Within the same year, the team at Aloompa introduced the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival app, the world’s first event app. That app has grown into many apps that now power the live event experiences for millions of attendees each year.

In 2013, Apple launched iBeacons to the public market. Keen on innovation, Aloompa saw the opportunity to add to the unique attendee experience they were already creating. In 2014, an R&D project on location-based messaging ended as the first-ever beacon deployment at a music festival. Aloompa also learned a thing or two about how attendees experience festivals, which led to insights and data that event producers had never seen before. The product grew into the world’s leading event proximity platform, Presence. In 2016, Presence location triggers covered a total of 215 trillion square feet, which could cover Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 7 million times!

Together Aloompa has become more than products. It’s a community of individuals, pushing each other to be better every day; not only to continue providing amazing experiences to millions of event attendees, but to go beyond what’s currently possible and create the next World’s First.